Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is Car Polish Really Important?

Car care Singapore
While most people in Singapore know the importance of washing and cleaning cars to maintain its beauty, there are many who have doubt whether it is really necessary to get their car polished. Many people want to find out what items are really required and what is sheer wastage of money. If you want to maintain the new look on your car and keep its shine intact, you should pay proper attention to its detailin
g at regular intervals.

Car wash

Car wash is the fundamental step in a car detailing service. Car wash removes all the dirt and filth that has deposited on your vehicle’s exterior during driving. There are areas such as vehicle rims and edges that need extra care. Car wash service Singapore is equipped with modern machines to carry out this job efficiently. There are also automated car wash machines that quickly clean your car and prepares it for other steps of detailing process.

Car Polish

Despite what many may suggest, car polish is the best kept secret by many car aficionados. It helps to keep your car in brand new condition. Although washing is important, it is polish that removes all the minor scratches and reveals the new paint of the vehicle’s exterior. Polish will do all the things that are missed by washing. It removes stubborn stain marks and mingles small scratches into the car’s paint. Polish can be compared to a face wash. Car polish Singapore removes the earlier worn out wax, blemishes and other contaminants. Polish imposes an abrasive action removing a very thin layer of car’s paint and revealing the newer looking paint from inside. It is always performed before the waxing job.

Car waxing

Car waxing is the main job that protects your car’s paint and provides it extra sheen and shine. It also extends the life of your car’s paint by protecting it against harmful UV rays, moisture and pollution. Sadly, many people skip this step and get their car liable to rusting attack and fading.

Vacuum cleaning

Car care Singapore is not only limited to revamping the exterior of your car, but it also cleans your car from inside. The seat covers, upholstery, dashboards etc. are all thoroughly cleaned using vacuum cleaners and branded chemicals. This leaves your vehicle hygienic and thoroughly clean.

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