Friday, October 17, 2014

Car Washing and Waxing Tips From Pros

Car care Singapore
It’s an established fact that the better your car looks, the higher is its resale value. Proper car care strategies like washing, polishing and waxing not only makes your vehicle to look at its best, but also help you to get the best resale price for your vehicle. Car care Singapore helps you to keep your car like new for a long time, and other than washing it also includes comprehensive detailing services to make a comprehensive revamp of your vehicle. Here are some recommendations for best car care techniques –

Start car cleaning in a shaded area. Direct sunlight will make your work hard and also have deteriorating effect on the car’s finish. Next thoroughly drench your car. This will wash down all the dirt and debris on the car’s surface. If you miss this step and start with sponge straightaway, the dirt and debris may produce scratches on the car’s body. If it’s a hot and dry day, routinely keep wetting the car to prevent the depositions caused by drying of cleansing chemicals on the car’s surface. If you are allergic to dirt and debris, it is wise to take the help of car wash service Singapore.

Next step is to use a car wash solution. Never use general purpose detergents; as much as possible use special car wash solutions that have been specially fabricated and tested for use on cars. It is better to purchase a long armed and soft bristled brush; it will make your work easier and faster and also reduce the strain on your muscles. After you finish washing the whole car, use a chamois to dry off the vehicle.

To remove minor imperfections or scratches, car cleaner polish is used. Car polish is an abrasive chemical that will remove a very thin layer of your car paint diminishing the effect of scratches and minor imperfections and prepares a good surface for car wax. However, it is wise to get this work done through professional people such as car polish service in Singapore. Apply the cleaner wax using a circular motion and treat one area or panel at a time. Use only modest pressure and let it dry to a white haze. Buff with a neat cloth and if necessary, reapply. Then comes time to decide on using car wax or polymer car polish; as per the experts, carnauba car wax has the deepest and most lucrative shine. You can also apply polymer based car polish for a longer shine.

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