Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Car washing types and car detailing in Singapore

Car washing
If you are a car owner, you might have wondered whether it is better to get your car washed with hands or go for an automated car wash. Both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you should consider a mix of the two to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. The final decision that you take regarding your car wash depends on how much time you can spare and how much budget you can afford for your car detailing. Singapore car groomers provide automated as well hand car wash services and you can choose the one you think is best for your vehicle. This article discusses various aspects of automated and hand car wash listing benefits and shortcomings of each option along with discussing other car grooming options.

Automated car washes

Automated car washes are quick and easy options to get your car clean within no time. Many car owners don’t have enough space to clean their car at home, while there are others who do not have access to a water source for cleaning their vehicles using a hose pipe. This service is fast and efficient, however limitations of this type of cleaning are outlined when certain edges such as rims remain unclean and they have to be polished with hands. Another limitation is that the automated dryer in the equipment is not that powerful to remove all the water present in the car body and the moisture accumulation can lead to paint damage and rusting. Thus, it is wise to get the car dried properly after automated wash using hand dryers wherever required. You should also ensure the cleaners and chemicals the automated car wash system is using is branded. Most of the Singapore car groomers are known for using renowned materials for car wash; still you should ensure this aspect to get the maximum benefit from the car wash.

Hand washing your car

Hand washing your car is the best way to maintain the exterior of your car, but it is quite laborious and time consuming work and involves dealing with all the filth with hands. If you don’t want to do all this on your own, or you don’t have enough time to spare for cleaning your vehicle all by yourself, car polish Singapore can be leveraged for hand washing services. Alternatively, you can select the package that involves initial automated car wash and later hand car wash at selected areas for cleaning the spots that got missed by automated systems.

Car paint protection

Car grooming in Singapore also provides another service known as car paint protection. This service involves coating your vehicle’s exterior with few layers of durable polish that protects your vehicle from rain and moisture and increases the longevity of the car paint.
Car wash service does not involve mere washing of car. Instead various car wash agencies provide complete detailing of your car from outside and inside so that you can ride shining vehicle every time you drive. The expertise and professional approach that you get with a car grooming service is difficult to achieve at home with simple cleaning methods. With the aid of car groomers you can keep your vehicles in well maintained condition for long.

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