Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Few Tips To Increase Fuel Efficiency Of Cars

Many a time when you go on drives in your favorite brand of automobile, you would wish your vehicle ran a few extra miles without having to refill the fuel. Fuel efficiency is one of the major factors that are considered by people before buying a car. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind in order to enhance the fuel efficiency of cars.

#1 Check tire pressure

You might feel that the car tires have no connection with the engine and hence has nothing to do with fuel efficiency. You’re however wrong here. If the tire pressure is not right it will cause the vehicle to slow down even when you push down the pedal to speed through the highways. When you apply full throttle, the engine would respond fine but the lack of air pressure would pull back the vehicle from moving as it supposed to. This would take a toll on the fuel efficiency rates. Hence, keep a check on tire pressure before going on your drives in order to enjoy the best fuel efficiency rates.

#2 Tune up engine

If you take your car to a good service center, you will be able to bring in a huge positive change to the fuel efficiency. The engine performance can be tweaked by a good mechanic with amazing skills and bring in great changes to the overall fuel efficiency rates. If you are yet to figure out how to care for your car, finding a good automobile mechanic in your area would be a great start.

#3 Replace fuel filter on time

The fuel filter is another major component that can bring in changes to the overall fuel efficiency of a vehicle. If you go through the user manual provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle, you will understand the frequency at which you have to get the fuel filter replaced. The fuel filter if not replaced on time will take a toll on the overall performance of the vehicle. This will bring down the fuel efficiency ina very bad manner.

#4 Travel light

Traveling with heavy load in your boot can cause the fuel efficiency rates to drip down. It is always better to travel. Never travel with more passengers that stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer. When you add extra load on the vehicle, it will cause the engine to take a lot of extra effort to function smoothly. This will not do well to the engine. When the engine performance deteriorates, the mileage per liter of fuel will be reduced. 

#5 Add synthetic oil

Adding synthetic oil along with the engine oil is a good way in which you can enhance the fuel efficiency rates. If you talk to the professionals at a car care center, you will be able to get the best quality synthetic oil that is apt for your vehicle. There are many car detailing providers that will help you to take care of vehicle exteriors as well as engine performance in the best possible manner. 

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