Friday, November 21, 2014

How often should one wax a black car to maintain the paint?

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When you wax a black car you will be able to make it look brighter for sure. This is not the only benefit that you get to enjoy while waxing the vehicle at a car wash service Singapore. Once all the dirt is removed from the body of the vehicle, the vehicle will look good for sure. However, when you take it out on the roads and leave it at a parking lot for a couple of hours, the dust will be back on the body. You will not be able to take the vehicle to a car wash centre every day. Maintaining a black car is n easy job. When you wax the vehicle it will help to keep away the dust because of the repulsion properties.

The frequency at which you should wax the car depends on the usage of the vehicle. If you go on long drives often and expose the vehicle to a lot of sunlight and other climatic conditions, it would be ideal to wax the car at least once every month. If you are using the vehicle only moderately and keeping it protected most of the time, at least when you park the vehicle, you can do it once in three months. The quality of wax used is also an important factor that should be considered while choosing the frequency. If you choose a reputed car care Singapore, you will not have to worry about the quality of wax used.

The ideal way to do it would be to take the vehicle to a good service centre that provides car grooming in Singapore and get the exteriors and interiors washed. Look for scratches on the body and get it fixed. Now get the exteriors polished. Once you get the vehicle polished, you will be able to keep it brand new for quite a long time. Now get the exteriors of the vehicle waxed. You will be able to keep the vehicle like brand-new when you follow this method. You will also be able to keep the shine on your black car for longer durations when you go for wax after getting the polish done.

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